AquaZoom™ RO Membrane Modules

DT RO Membrane Module


The disc tube reverse osmosis module is the original design with 7.9 m2 of membrane area

DTG RO Membrane Module


The DTG RO module is the flagship disc tube product in the AquaZoom line and especially useful in landfill leachate

ST RO Membrane Module


The ST RO module fits in the same space as the DT RO module but has three times more membrane area

ST+ RO Membrane Module


The ST+ RO module is the lead AquaZoom product in China and used extensively in waste-to-energy wastewater applications

ST++ RO Membrane Module


The ST++ module has twice the area of the ST+ module at 58.6 m2 and is a cost effective solution in high flow applications

AquaZoom Replacement Parts


Replacement membranes and module components are offered to keep your AquaZoom modules working for you